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This must see TV series started in 1973 and ran for five years and was a worldwide hit, mainly because of the actors Telly Savalas performance of the New York Detective Theo Kojak, who in the non pc days was a rough diamond with smooth edges.

The pilot episode created by Abbey Mann was called  "The Marcus Nelson Murders" and starred Telly Savalas as a character called "Kojack", which became "Kojak" when launched as a  must see TV series.

In the first series Telly Savalas was seen on screen smoking a lot, so the writers concious of the anti smoking on television changed to Telly sucking his lollipops in later series, which became the prop for many an impersonator, along with the catch phase "Who love s ya baby?".

118 episodes were shown before  he finally left our screen

The Main Cast

Telly Savalas as Kojak born in 1922 and died in 1994, during his time in the 70s he also starred in the film "Kellys Heroes", but as Kojak he won an Emmy and was nominated for a Globe.

He also starred in the "Muppet Movie" and 2Capricorn One".

Official Telly Savalas site

Dan Frazer starred as the Captain Frank McNeil, born in 1921 starred in many TV films throughout the 70s.

Kevin Dobson as Bobby Crocker born in 1943 also starred in "Police Story" and "Cannon".

George Savalas the brother of Telly, played Stavros. George was born in 1924 and died in 1985, he also starred in the original pilot and an epidode of "All In The Family".

Here is a full episode called "Out Of The Shadows"

Here is a famous guest star that went onto be a world class boxer.

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