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Its real name for this must watch tv show, was M*A*S*H, which stands for  Mobile Army Surgical Hospital, and  was originally a book by  Richard Hooker, real name H.Richard Hornberger (Died 1997 from Leukaemia),  he wrote the book after being a doctor in Korea during the war, which gave him the inspiration to write the book that in itself became a huge blockbuster film in 1972. The film starred Donald Sutherland and Elliot Gould.


The 4077 MASH was transferred to TV by CBS in 1972, and was so successful it ran through to 1983, much much longer than the Korean War it was portraying and with the final episode getting more viewers than any other at the time 106 Million people. This must watch tv series followed the main character Hawkeye, played by the  brilliant Alan Alda for the whole  run.


The show as like a comedy and a drama, with you laughing so much in one scene, and in tears at the next scene thanks to the writing  and acting, and the subject matter that was still fresh in America with the Vietnam situation. In most of Europe and other territories there was NO laughter track, which the British Prefer, we find it annoying to be told when to laugh, but in America it had a  laughter track .

The theme to MASH was called "Suicide is Painless" by The Ventures, listen to whole record here and see the stars over all the episodes that became major household names.


                                         alan alada talks about mash

 The cast over all those years was huge, so we pick just some to highlight.

The main cast
Alan Alda,born 1936 in New York, played Hawkeye and  has 31 Emmy Award nominations, two Tony Award nominations and Six Golden Globe awards, the list goes on and on, with The Peoples Choice Wards being very prominent. He also had time in the 70s to appear in seven films,  and several TV specials while MASH was still in production.

Loretta Swit, born 1937 and the sexy lady in the series Major Margaret  Houlihan HOT LIPS, who often had romantic involvements with other lead characters, she also appeared in numerous 70s programmes including "A Man Called Ironside"(Ironside ) in the US and even starred in "Bonanza".

Jamie Farr, born 1934 and played the cross dressing  Corporal Maxwell Klinger, who was trying anything to get out of the 4077th, but was trapped there for the whole series, and even went on to star in the 80s spin-off "After MASH"

William Christopher, born 1932 played Father Francis Mulchay who in the series lost his site, and was prone to helping Hawkeye with plans to help humanity. Also appeared in "Colombo" and"Alias Smith and Jones".

Gary Burghoff, born 1943 and played the part of Radar, which he also played in the 1972 film, he was the one who ran the office and appeared to have knowledge of what everybody wanted in advance before they even knew it themselves. He even made an appearance in "Wonder Woman".

Harry Morgan, born 1915 played  Colonel  Sherman Potter, and he won two Emmys  for the part. Being an older guy, he was already established in film and TV, including the 60 s series "Dragnet". and through the 70s he also starred in "The DA".

Mike Farrell,born 1939 and played Captain BJ Hunnicut, he also starred in "Harry O","Marcus Welby MD" and "The Six Dollar Man"  in the 70s., and in later life was a film producer too.

David Ogden Stiers, born  in 1942 played Major Charles Winchester who was brought in to replace Mike Farrell character when he left the series, and he did very well as the pain in the ass to Hawkeye. He already had been in the series twice as an uncredited actor, and now as then he works in so many TV programmes it would take five pages to write them all down. So in the 70s we list only a few, including "Kojak","Charlies Angels","Rhoda,"Mary Tyler Moore Show", and "The Paper Chase" and later in life David admitted he was gay.

Larry Linville, born 1939,DIED 2000,played the weak and scheming  Major Frank Marion Burns. He starred also in "Barnaby Jones","The Rockford Files" and "CHIPS".

Wayne Rogers also played Trapper John, and  Mclean Stephenson played Henry Blake. died 1996.

More scenes from MASH

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