Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Top Ten US TV 1970

The 70s had must watch TV, and today in an occasional series we look at the Top Ten of a particular year.
Today we go to the start of the decade 1970, and concentrate on the US TV, in other articles we will also look at the must see TV of the UK.

So in reverse order here are the TOP TEN TV SHOWS OF 1970  and because the way US networks take there audience figures run is part 70/71.

The F.B.I.
This series started in 1965 and continued through to 1974, and starred Efrem Zimbalist Jnr, born in 1918, who played Inspector Lewis Erskine. The series FBI consultant was in fact Edgar J Hoover himself, who insisted any actor playing an FBI agent had to be screened by the real FBI.
The show was "A Quinn Martin Production".

This series from NBC started in 1959, and lasted until 1973. The very first TV western series to be made in colour, and followed the lives of the Cartwright family, and starred Lorne Green who died in 1987, Pernell Roberts who died in 2010,Dan Blocker who died in 1972,Michael Landon who died in 1991, and David Canary.

Medical Centre
Hawaii Five O
Another series that started from the late  1960s and ran to 1980, and starred the late Jack Lord(Died 1998) as Steve McGarratt, and that amazing opening theme and titles, that has to be in the top ten TV themes of all time. One show from the second season has NEVER been repeated since its original airing because of a copy cat suicide by a viewer.
The series is being remade in 2010, and the original series also starred.
James MacArthur as Danno ,Zulu played by Kono Kalakaua died  2004, Chin Ho Kelly played Kam Fong died 2002.
It also starred Don Galloway who died 2009,and Barbara Anderson and Don Mitchell.
ABC Movie Of The Week
Our second western in the charts and the daddy of them all, it was the longest running TV western, and Bonanza was second.The series  started as a radio series in 1952, and ran on TV from 1955 to 1975.635 episodes starring James Arness.  
This series was called "A Man Called Ironside" in many places outside the US, and starred the former Perry Mason star, Raymond Burr (Died 1993) who played Ironside a defective that was shot and paralysed, the series followed him in his wheelchair, and his ability to be a great detective even though he was in that wheelchair. The show had numerous Emmy nominations and a great them tune.

Heres Lucy
This Lucille Ball) Died 1989) show lasted from 1968 to 1974 and is still shown around the world now.The show also starred her daughter  Lucie Arnaz, her son Desi Arnaz Jnr and dad Desi Arnaz too.
The Flip Wilson Show
1970 to 1974 for black comedian Flip Wilson (Died 1998), a sketch show that managed to bring in huge stars of the time. See The Flip Wilson Show here.
The most watched US TV show of 1970/71 season.
The medical drama show
Marcus Welby MD
This show ran from 1969 to  1976 and starred Robert Young (Died 1998), and by today's standard it was avery gentle medical drama series, and had Marcus Welby as the old style doctor up against Doctor  Steven Kiley the so called young up start in the same practice, the role was played by James Brolin. The show ran for 169 episodes and was ABCs first number one TV show.


  1. Wow, I was a fan of all those shows!!!

  2. I loved Hawaii Five O, and the new 2010 version is not too bad.

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