Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Partridge Family

Back in the 1960s there was an American family  pop group called The Coswills, it was this group that was the inspiration for Bernard Slade to come up with the successful series "The "Partridge Family" , the story of a family who sang around the house, and went on tour and had hits , well the fiction became real, as the success of the series spawned records actually being released, and becoming worldwide hits.

The series ran from 1970 to 1974 on ABC and was a worldwide hit, even I in the UK would love to see the show, also looking at America that looked so wonderful when you are a little kid, and the music was good too,

Here are just some of the shows songs that became real time hits.

The main cast
David Cassidy born 1950,played Kieth Douglas Partridge, and David's solo success gave him huge teen idol status with perhaps his most famous No1 record being "Daydreamer". .David as in fact the real life step son to his co start Shirley Jones in the show. See David in the charts in 1973.

Susan Dey born 1952 and named then Susan Smith, joined the show at the age of 17 and admitted to having a huge crush on David. She also starred in "S.W.A.T.", "Hawaii Five O" during the 70s and a few made for TV films too.

Danny Bonaduce born 1959 played Danny Partridge, he also released records but they got no where, and he even admitted his voice was not that strong at all.

Dave Madden born 1931 played the band manager Rueben Kincaid but was an established comedian having appeared in the classic "Rowan and Martin Laugh In" the year before. He appeared in so many shows in the 70s , so here is a glance at just some.
"Fantasy Island","Barney Miller","Love Boat","Starsky and Hutch" and "Happy Days".

Shirley Jones born 1934 played mum Shirley Partridge, she was already a long established actress and held an Academy award and starred in may 70s programmes including "The Bob Hope Show","McMillan and Wife" and "Yesterdays Child". Shirley appeared on stage in "The Sound Of Music" and "Sow Boat" during the 1970s.

Suzzane Crough played Tracey Partridge and the two actors Brian Foster and Jeremy Gelbwaks played Chris Partridge.

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