Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Persuaders

Its back to 1971 now for one of the most expensive shows of that time, this must see TV starred the soon to be James Bond man, Roger Moore and the ad libbing hell raiser Tony Curtis. It was a series that the two were paid big money to come together in an adventure series that went to some of the  most exotic location around the world.

Roger Moore starred as Lord Brett Sinclair and Tony Curtis played Danny Wilde a playboy oil tycoon from the states. The comedy between the characters and the actors made them a great on screen team, even-though Curtis was not one to stick to the script, it allowed the shows chemistry to really work. Tony was even arrested when he came to start filming in the UK as he was carrying Cannabis.

Lew Grade persuaded Roger to make this after his time in "The Saint", and the ATV and ITV networks made the show and sold it to the American audience. Its true to say it was a worldwide hit, however the US dropped The Persuaders before the end of the run of the 24 episodes, although it has now become a cult must watch tv show in the states too.

Despite numerous people indicating that Roger  and Tony did not get on, was always been denied by both the actors, who maintain they had a good working relationship despite Tony's well known temper.

The Main Cast
Roger Moore born in 1927 and after a huge successful career in the 1960s he also appeared in a selection of James Bond films in the 1970s.

Tony Curtis born in 1925 died in 2010  SEE BELOW

At the end of September 2010 the actor Tony Curtis died at the age of 85 years of old, here is Tony talking in 2006 about the series.

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