Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Seventies TV Intros TWO

Lets see how many must see TV opening themes from the 1970s you remember.

As you watch this video, keep this page open to see if you were right.

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1. Bronk
Jack Palance starred in this short lived series from 1975, he played detective Alex Bronkov.
Tough-man Jack Palance died in 2006.

2.Ellery Queen
Based on the numerous novels of the same name and ran on NBC from 1975 to 1976.
Starring Jim Hutton who died in 1979 and David Wayne who died in 1995.

3.Strange Report
Starring Anthony Quayle and made by ITC that just got into the 1970s with one series, which was  about Adam Strange a forensic scientist.

4.Assignment Vienna
Robert Conrad was a secret spy working in Vienna.

5.Black Sheep Squadron
World war Two drama about  a group of fighter pilots, based on a true life squadron of the same name,the series was  originally called "Baa Baa Black Sheep".
Again starred Robert Conrad and James Whitmore Jnr.

5.The Virginian
A classic western adventure that lasted only 249 episodes, and had its last season on air in 1970, and did not fill an hour slot, but filled one and a half hour slot.
Starred James Dury, Doug McClure who died in 1995, Stewart Granger who died in 1993 and Lee Majors.

6.Owen Marshal Counselor at Law
With Arthur Hill (Died in 2006), and again Lee Majors in a legal drama from1971 to 1975.
The show also included David Soul before Starsky and Hutch.

7.Spider Man
Starring Nicholas Hammond, the show was also known as "The Amazing Spider Man", a real attempt make a live action series, but it really did not work.

8.The Sixth Sense
A paranormal  thriller starring Gary Collins.

9.Ghost Story

10.Rod Serlings Night Gallery
A follow up from his successful "Twilight Zone" series and ran from on NBC from 1970 to 1973.
Rod died in 1975.

11.Tales Of The Unexpected
Short horror type stories.
Not to be confused with series of the same name that aired on Anglia Television a few years later written by Roald Dahl

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