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Top Ten US TV 1971

The 70s had must watch TV, here is another in  the occasional series we look at the Top Ten of a particular year.
Today we go to the start of the decade 1971, and concentrate on the US TV, in other articles we will also look at the must see TV of the UK.

So in reverse order here are the TOP TEN TV SHOWS OF 1971  and because the way US networks take there audience figures run is part 71/72.

The  Mary Tyler Moore Show
1970 saw the launch of this classic comedy series from CBS, and ran until 1977, and 72 episodes. The main charcahter was Mary  Richards played by Mary Tyler Moore.

Just look at these awards.


In addition to numerous nominations, The Mary Tyler Moore Show won 29 Emmy Awards
  • Outstanding Comedy Series [3] — (1975,76,77)
  • Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series [3] — Mary Tyler Moore ('73,74,76)
  • Actress of the Year: Series [1] — Mary Tyler Moore ('74)
  • Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series [5] — Ed Asner ('71,72,75), Ted Knight ('73,76)
  • Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series [6] — Valerie Harper ('71,72,73), Cloris Leachman ('74), Betty White ('75,76)
  • Outstanding Single Performance by a Supporting Actress in a Comedy or Drama Series [1] — Cloris Leachman ('75) (shared w/ Zohra Lampert, Kojak)
  • Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series [5] — James L. Brooks, Allan Burns (1971), Treva Silverman (1974), Ed Weinberger, Stan Daniels (1975), David Lloyd (1976), Allan Burns, James L. Brooks, Ed Weinberger, Stan Daniels, David Lloyd, Bob Ellison (1977)
  • Writer of the Year: TV Series [1] — Treva Silverman ('74)
  • Outstanding Directing in a Comedy Series [2] — Jay Sandrich (1971), Jay Sandrich (1973)
  • Outstanding Film Editing [2] — Douglas Hines ('75,77)

Golden Globe Awards

  • 1971: Mary Tyler Moore, Best Actress/Comedy
  • 1972: Edward Asner, Best Supporting Actor/Comedy
  • 1976: Edward Asner, Best Supporting Actor/Comedy 

 JOINT   Adam 12
This was a Police drama that ran from 1968 through to 1975, some of the episodes were deemed to be so realistic they were used in Police training.

 JOINT Funny Face
This I belive is the film from 1957.
Mike Connor play0d Mannix in this detective series that ran from 1967 to 1975, this detective seemd to collect many classic cars.
Sanford and Son
Broadcast from 1972 to 1977, this comedy series was based on the BBC "Steptoe and Son" the US version was set in a salvage shop and follwed the comedy between father and son.

Red Foxx died in 1991
  ABC Movie Of The Week

Gunsmoke see article here

Marcus Welby MD. see article here

.Flip Wilson Show see article here

The Most Watched TV Show of 1971/72 season
The Comedy Show
All In The Family

A classic American comedy here that pushed to boundaries during its run for CBS , 12971 to 1979, again based on a BBC programme called "Till Death Us Do Part", both had lead characters with  far right views on everything, from politics,homosexuality. The programme caused offence, created great comedy and showed the stupidity of being a bigot.

  • Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series – Carroll O'Connor, 1972, 1977–1979
  • Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series – Jean Stapleton, 1971, 1972, 1978
  • Outstanding Actress in a Supporting Role in a Comedy Series – Sally Struthers, 1972 
  • Outstanding Actor in a Supporting Role in a Comedy Series – Rob Reiner, 1974, 1978
  • Outstanding New Series – Norman Lear, 1971
  • Outstanding Comedy Series – Norman Lear, 1971, 1972, 1973 
  • Outstanding Direction in a Comedy Series – John Rich, 1972; Paul Bogart, 1978
  • Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series – Burt Styler, 1972; Michael Ross, Bernard West and Lee Kalcheim, 1973; Bob Weiskopf, Bob Schiller, Barry Harman and Harvey Bronsten, 1978
  • Outstanding Live or Tape Sound Mixing – Norman Dewes, 1972
It was nominated an additional 34 times.
  • Best TV Actor, Musical/Comedy – Carroll O'Connor, 1972
  • Best TV Actress, Musical/Comedy – Jean Stapleton, 1973, 1974
  • Best Supporting Actress, Television – Betty Garrett, 1975
  • Best TV Show, Musical/Comedy – 1972–74, 1978
Carroll O Connor died in 2001

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