Saturday, September 18, 2010

Charlies Angels

This TV classic broke records around the world, it centred on three beautiful intelligent women who worked as private dectectives for Charlie( a voice on a phone), who would use his  front man Bosley to work the agency on a day to day basis. The series was launched in US by ABC in 1976, and produced by the legendary  Spelling and Goldberg partnership.

Over the five years it ran some of the main charachetrs changed, but the three beautiful girls were always the front of the show, and unlike the later films, they did not fly through the sky or fight for hours, but they did bring glamour to the 1970s TV dectectives genre.

The second season opened without Farah Fawcett Majors, as she quit, but legal actions by the studio saw her return for part of series three  after she lost a court action. Shelly Hack came in as a replacemnet later in the run, but despite her looks the viewers switched off and she left in 1980.

Here is a scene from the series featuring  Jacyln Smith.

In total 110 episodes were aired and the series  ended in 1981, but was continually being repeated around the world, and thus never really died, and there are strong rumours it will be back in 2011

Here is a clip from 2006 of a TV reuinion of "Charlies Angels".

Here is an interview with Jacylyn Smith.
The Main Cast
John Forsyth played Charlie  Townsend who was never really seen in the whole series, John  was born in 1918 as John Lincoln Freund and died in 2010, in the 70s he also starred in "Police Story","Medical Story" and in the 1980s was John Carrington in "Dynasty".

Jacylyn Smith played  Kelly Garret, she was born 1945 and in the 70s added these programmes to her resume "The Partridge Family","McCloud","Love Boat" and was the main stay of the Angels throughout the years.

Farrah Fawcett Majors played Jill Munroe, Farrah with her amazing hair was born in 1947 and died in 2009 from cancer, she had won an Emmy and a Golden Globe. She also married the" Six Million Dollar Man" in 1973, him being Lee Majors. Other starring roles in the 70s included."The Six Million Dollar Man","HarryO","SWAT","McCloud".

Kate Jackson as Sabrina Jackson, born in 1948, and won the English Favourite Actress Award. She also starred in "Bonanza" and "The Rookies".

Cheryl Ladd as Kris Munroe the sister of Jill, she was born in 1951 and was the daughter in law of famous American actor Alan Ladd. Also had 70s appearance in "Police Story","The Streets Of San Francisco" and "The Partridge Family".

Shelly Hack played Tiffany Wells.

David Doyle played Bosley, he was born in 1929 and died in 1997, also played in "Police Story","Ellery Queen","Barney Miler".

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