Friday, October 29, 2010

Hawaii Five O: James MaCarthur Dies

The original must see TV series started in 1968, and ran throughout the 1970s, and was the daddy of police series, along with a theme that is one of the best ever.

The series followed the local Hawaii Five O police force headed by Steve McGarrett (Jack Lord), and his assistant Danno (James MaCarthur) in location based stories chasing secret agents, serial killers and the nemesis of the series for McGarrett  the bald headed Wo Fat the Chinese rouge agent.

The Jack Lord part was also offered to Gregory Peck and Richard Boone.
The Main Cast

Jack Lord played Steve McGarett, although Jack was actually born John Joseph Patrick Ryan in 1930, and died in 1998 and his estate gave millions to charities.

James MaCaathur played Danno Williams and was born in 1937 and died October 2010, he will always be remebered for the line "Book Him Danno,Murder One".
In the 1970s he also starred in  "Hollywood Squares","Fantasy Island","Love Boat" and "Time Express".

Gilbert Francis Lani Kauhi played Zulu died in 2004.

Kam Fong played Chin Ho and died in 2002.

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