Monday, November 1, 2010

Love Thy Neighbour

Back in 1972 a series landed on British Television that ran for four years that pushed race relations through comedy, the must see TV series was "Love Thy Neighbour", a  Thames Television production for ITV that stared Jack Smethurst who played the part of a racist white neighbour, who through verbal jokes to his black neighbour and his wife.
Jacks character Eddie was shown to be a silly racist based on ignorance to his neighbour Bill played by black actor Rudolph Walkler.

Through clever comedy written by Vince Powell and Harry Driver, the series showed just how stupid and ridiculous 1970 racism was. The series showed that both sides were really friends, and more importantly were the same in many ways,the series when watched now seems insulting with words by both sides , but in the 70s those words were commonly used in bars and schools and in the workplace.

Through this must see TV series like this and changes by the governments theses words are almost gone, and what a better pl;ace the world is too.

Seventies style comedy next door neighbours, but with the racial element for "Comedy".

The main cast
Jack Smethurst played Eddie Booth and also starred in "For The Love Of Ada".

Kate Williams played Eddies wife Joan, and also appeared in many 70s shows like  "Dixon Of Dock Green" and "Please Sir".

Rudolph Walker OBE played Bill Reynolds and also appeared in "Empire Road" and "Crown Court".

Nina Baden-Semper played Barbie the wife of Bill and played a very sexy wife too.

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