Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tony Hatch TV Themes

Born in 1939 in the UK, Tony Hatch  is well known for his pop career, including bringing "Downtown" by Petula Clark, but in this article we look at his huge influence on TV in the 1970s.

In the 1960s wrote TV themes like "Sportsnight" "The Champions" and so many more.

Some of the themes he did in the 60s were still used throughout the 70s, here are two examples the first being the midweek BBC sports programme "Sportsnight", that's followed by two versions of his theme for the classic soap opera called "Crossroads" that ran through the 60s,70s into the 80s. The theme was so popular that Paul McCartney made a version that was used for a while on the show.

And now both the "Crossroads" themes.

The original theme was written by Tony back in 1964.
Another soap theme from Tony written in 1972 for the ITV programme "Emmerdale Farm".
Because of his proven ability in the pop charts and theatre, and making TV and Film themes Tony became an even bigger celebrity when in the 1970s he was a host in an ITV series called "New Faces", where he was very much like a Simon Cowell  character, as especially he was saying what you at home were thinking.

For me he was best known for his theme to the Roger Moore and Tony Curtis classic "The Persuaders".
Tony Hatch in a radio interview.

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