Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy Days Tom Bosley Dies

The year is 1974, and a comedy series that was set in the mid 1950s mad must see TV around the world, the series followed the clean cut all American family the Cunningham who lived in  Milwaukee, the pilot was called "New Family In Town" but when commissioned was changed to "Happy Days", thank goodness it did or the following theme would just not have worked.

Just to let you know the first two seasons had "Rock Around The Clock" as the theme by Bill Haley and The Comets", from there on the "Happy Days" theme  was used and  performed by Jimmy Haas.

The family was the main story, but as the character of "Fonzie"  developed the writers knew they were onto a winner, and "The Fonze"  became synonymous with "Happy Days" all around the world, and for eleven seasons, and around 250 episodes and  the series was  created by Gary Marshall and  dominated 70s culture. The series progressed in almost real delayed time into the 1960s, and we saw the family literally grow up. Well we did not see one of the brothers he just seemed to disappear from the family, where did Chuck go?

More from "Happy Days"

The cast were told that the series had been commissioned and had two months to get to air, they had no scripts , no sets, but they did it.

The Main Cast
Tom Bosley played the dad Harold Cunnigham, Tom was born in 1927 in Chicago, he  died in October 2010. Tom starred in such a big catalogue like: "The Name Of The Game", "Bewitched","Maude","McMillan And Wife","The Love Boat","Ellery Queen" and of course  his career  continued  right upto to day.

Marion Ross played Marion Cunnigham, Ross was born in 1928 in Minnesota, and also appeared in "Mission Impossible","Hawaii Five O","Longstreet","ironside",2Marcus Welby MD" and much more throughout the 70s.

Ron Howard played Richie Cunnigham, Ron born in 1954 and starred in "American Grafitti"  in 1972 film, his TV shows in the 1970s included "Bonanza","The Waltons" and "MASH".

Erin Moran, played Joainie Cunnigham. Erin was born 1960, and in the 70s she slaso starred in "Gunsmoke" and "The Waltons".

Henry Winkler  born 1945,played "The Fonz", and like Ron Howard is  now a successful film director, he also starred in many TV commercials before his career took off, and later played in "Saturday Night Live".

Anson Williams played "Potsie", Donny Most played Ralph, and Scott Baio played "Chachi"

Al Delvecchio  Who played Alf died in 2007.

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